Galerie Anna presents a solo exhibition of Mel Cabriana, titled “Hidden.” The show opens today, August 21, at 6 pm.
A glimpse of pristine paradise – such as where Genesis must have occurred - dominates the vision of Mel Cabriana, whose paintbrush coaxes the hidden underbrush to hover into view. In the Biblical text, the Fall of Man has centered on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which the Creator had placed in order to test the loyalty of Adam and Eve. Hidden in all that natural splendor is the serpent whose mission was to mock them into committing the sin of pride: of becoming greater than their Creator.
While visibly celebrating the beauty and purity of nature, captured in the lush and dense foliage and greenery, Cabriana introduces an ominous tone, suggesting its eventual destruction and death.
Stepping onto the stage of surrealism, the artist presents the specter of plastics as the virulent instrument of villainy in this impending scenario. As well, the sanctity of nature has been desecrated by the presence of a rusty litter of metallic junk. These are now the contemporary serpents of our environment, and while starkly present in our midst, we have so chosen to close our eyes on them that they remain…hidden.
Created by technology purportedly in the service of humanity, plastics as the non-biodegradable material which man irresponsibly disposes of, clogging waterways and oceans, will eventually cover the earth leading to its extinction. Cabriana utilizes the image of plastic sheets, shaped and molded to take on the tender form of Mother and Child or the Pieta. The word plastic comes from the Greek word “plasticos” which means “capable of being shaped or molded.”
Mel Cabriana’s “Hidden” paintings are splendid reminders, communicating by turns a message of hope and a dire warning.
“Hidden” runs until Sept 3.
Galerie Anna is at the 4/L, The Artwalk, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, call tel no: 470-2511. Mobile: 0939-9127930.