Born March 27, 1976, Cavite City, Philippines.

Major in Fine Arts, Philippine Women's University Filipino painter he was born in Cavite City, Philippines --- March 27, 1976. He took up painting at the Institute of Fine Arts and Design at the Philippine Women's University. A first encounter with Tamondong's works evokes a sense of enchantment for his intense colors at once beckon us to a world of playgrounds, the world of our childhood. Tamondong's unique style appropriates the colors and forms of children's art. His paintings are characterized by strong, vibrant colors applied in their purest intensity. Intimations of innocent spontaneity appear through freely applied streaks of crayons and oil sticks and through casually controlled acrylic drippings and washes. Tamondong's child-like style serves a double entendre: while the forms appear naive, his themes are thoughtful meditations on the exhuberance of life. Christian, one of the rising stars of Philippine art is a multi-awarded painter and his artworks are sought after in the Philippines, Singapore and the United States.