Ma. Archelli Vivienne Fetalvero
Arvi Fetalvero / Archelli Fetalvero
6A Sampaguita St. Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Metro Manila

I identify myself as a Filipina artist and I strive to define my art practice in terms of the
continuously evolving role of women artists in Philippine society. In line with this objective I am
currently focused on the study of the roles that women played in 19th century Philippines.
I am constantly exploring, asking and learning. Gathering elements that I can use as I seek to
cultivate my own artistic vocabulary, to polish my technique and hone my art practice.
The ideas behind most of my works are from observations of contemporary culture from a female
perspective and reflecting on how my observations relate to me on the personal level. Through
observation, reflection, and reaction, I endeavor to transform myself into someone who is aware of
her part in society and in history in general.
Recently, I have become interested in old photographs that archive obscure but interesting pieces of
Philippine history. This lead me to inquiring on the relation and analogy of the past (what had
occurred and the process of how the people think then) with what is happening at the present.
I am a storyteller and my works echo my inner voice. It is my most fervent hope that someday,
when I have achieved my fullest potential, my voice will gain significance and transcend time.

2008 – 2012 Cum Laude and Best Portfolio Awardee
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts major in Studio Arts
Asia Pacific College, Makati City, Philippines
2014 Semi-Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition
2010 Semi-Finalist, 24th PLDT-DPC Visual Arts Contest
2014 - Present, Collaborator, Kalye Kolektib, Artists Collaborative Group
2010 - Present, Member, Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization
2009 - Present, Member, Ice Cream Cake Productions
2015 Group Exhibit, “Time Lapse”
Tin-Aw Gallery, Makati City
2015 Group Exhibit, “Only in the Philippines”
Canvas Foundation, Vargas Museum, Quezon City
2015 Group Exhibit, “Ibanghelyo”
Kalye Kolektib, JStudio, Taguig City
2015 Two-man Show, “Matters of Time”
Gallery Anna, Megamall
2015 Group Exhibit, “Content’s May Vary”
Tin-Aw Gallery, Makati City
2015 Collaborative Project, “Project Bakawan : Offsite/Out-of-Site”
UP Stud Farm, Quezon City
2015 Group Exhibit, “Libro”
Canvas Foundation, Art Fair Philippines 2015, Makati City
2015 Group Exhibit, “Content’s May Vary”
Tin-Aw Gallery, Art Fair Philippines 2015, Makati City
2014 Group Exhibit, “Patour-Pator”
Kalye Kolektib, Nineveh Art Space, Laguna
2014 Group Exhibit, “Tintacles”
PWU SFAD Gallery, Philippine Women’s University, Manila City
2014 Group Exhibit, “A Quick Bite Between Dreams and Reality”
Art4s Gallery, Alabang City
2014 Competition Showcase, MADE Metrobank Art and Design Excellence,
La Pavillion, Pasay
2013 Group Exhibit, “Katorse”
Gallery Anna, Mandaluyong City
2013 Group Online Exhibit, “Tutok F.O.E.”
2013 Group Exhibit, “Changing Lanes”
Art4s Gallery, Alabang City
2013 Group Exhibit , “Secret Garden”
CANVAS Gallery and Garden, Cubao
2013 Group Exhibit , “Con/Text”
Gallery Anna, Mandaluyong City
2012 Interactive Exhibit , “In Loving Memory”
St. Therese Columbarium, Pasay City
2012 Group Exhibit, “Ellipsis”
Tiara Hotel, Makati City
2011 Group Exhibit, “Tutok Ano Bayan!”
Collaborator for Icecreamcake Productions, CCP Main Gallery, Pasay City
2010 Group Exhibit, “Tutok Soena”
Collaborator for Icecreamcake Productions
Manila Contemporary, Makati City
2008 Group Exhibit, “Buk-o Juice”
Powerbooks Greenbelt, Makati City
2014 August-Recent, Part-time Lecturer
School of Multimedia Arts, Asia Pacific College
2013 June-December, Part-time Executive Assistant
Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization (FILVADRO)
2012 June-December, Full-time Executive Assistant
Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization (FILVADRO)
2011 June-August, Internship Program
Visual Arts and Museum Department, Cultural Center of the Philippinces (CCP)
Curatorial Project
2014 Philippine Maritime and Naval History
Fort San Felipe Museum, Fort San Felipe Naval Station, Cavite City
Curatorial Assistant
2013 “Tutok F.O.E.,”
2011 “Nothing to Declare Blanc,” Blanc Compound, Mandaluyong City
2011 “KULO,” CCP Main Gallery, CCP Complex, Pasay City
2011 Cinemalaya7 Exhibitions, CCP Lobby, CCP Complex, Pasay City
2013 Production Designer, “Dapat Tama” by Gloc 9
2012 Production Designer, Tambayan 101.9 Anniversary Concert
2011 Assistant Director and Art Director, “Tayo” by Soundvent
2011 Art Director, “Wala ng Natira” by Gloc-9 feat. Sheng Belmonte
2011 Art Director, “Leaves” by Kilos
2010 Lighting Director, “Watchin’ Me” by Hi-C
2010 Production Designer, OngPong Plaza Electorial Candidacy AVP
2010 Production Designer, “Waiter” by Eevee
2010 Art Director, “A Call to Arms” by Urbandub
2010 Production Designer, “Picture, Picture” by Tanya Markova
2010 Production Designer, “Reach the Sky” by Kane
2009-2010 Product Designer, 2010 APC Ad Campaign
Graphic Design/Layout
2013 FILVADRO (Brochure, Various Forms, Website)
2012 FILVADRO (Brochure, ID, Membership Form, Website)
2011 Nothing to Declare Blanc Brochure
2011 CCP Diwa Museum Brochure
2011 Illustrator, Garious Website AVP
2010 Album Layout Artist, Paramdam by Eevee
2010 Album Cover Designer, Talumpati by Gloc-9
2013 “Korea-Philippines Copyright Forum” IPOPHL Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
Makati City, Philippines
2013 “National Workshop on Creative Industries,” WIPO World Intellectual Property Office
and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Makati City, Philippines
2012 Intaglio Workshop, PAP Printmakers Association of the Philippines,
Folkarts Theatre, Pasay City
Aquino Foundation, Philippines
Private Collections, Philippines





" Seeking Beyond Finding Within ", Mixed Media, 36 x 36 inches, 2013
" Probing The Boiling Point I ", Acrylic on plexiglass, 48 x 48 inches, 2013
" Probing the Boiling Point II ", Acrylic on plexiglass, 48 x 48 inches, 2013
" Probing The Boiling Point III ", Acrylic on plexiglass, 48 x 48 inches, 2013