Galerie Anna is a venue for art exchange that showcases artworks of both Filipino and international artists. Through collective exhibitions and dynamic displays, it undertakes to promote art and aspires to become a repository for valuable and important artworks. Suitably located in The Artwalk, Level 4 of The Megamall Building A along with several other galleries, its interiors exude a sense of elegance that perfectly accompanies guests as they view and appreciate the artworks on show.

Galerie Anna sets forth to promote contemporary art in showcasing the works of artists who are well-established and far renowned in their dedicated practice and in their own developed unique visual idiom. It acts also as a showcase for emerging artists who share the same vision and commitment in bringing forth ideas that will help them secure a strong hold in their own artistic vision.

The gallery is committed toward significant showings of Philippines and Asian Art and discerning fresh artistic ideas from around the world. The gallery believes in art that probes new frontiers, pays homage to individuality and emulates the diverse ideas and values of societies. This can be stimulating and enterprising, especially at this juncture when the plurality of its expression throws new challenges for artists.

Galerie Anna treats art collecting and acquisition as a valuable venture for investment and personal identity. It provides services in the areas of authentication, documentation of art works, advice from art experts, unloading of collections and art exchange.