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The alien is a hypothetical being from another world - a product of not only fiction, but the high mathematical and scientific probability of existence from beyond our earthly strata. This creature, typically envisioned with a bulbous head, long arms and legs attached to a frail body covered with grayish glowing skin, is seemingly fashioned in our own image. As if to fill the void of the unknown, we have turned its more popular self into a physically substandard human with superior intellect to compensate for it. Interestingly, as a noun, it is synonymous to the unidentified and strange which can be a little ironic given that aliens are very much familiar to the collective consciousness of the mass culture. Its manifestation is comparable to a modern myth continuously adapting to the times, a malleable character in our shared history.

In the exhibition, Marija Vicente, Veronica Pee, Jan Balquin and Gino Javier explore the various representations of the ‘alien’ by drawing references from the esoteric notions prevalent in pulp fiction, fringe science, cult following and the like. More than being fascinated with the quantifiable and educated guesses contributed by science, we are more akin to the obscurities of its formation in our shared consciousness. Its speculative nature, bordering on the silly, appeals to us in different ways. As if by painting a portrait, with the alien as our sitter, we will attempt to capture our subject in as many ways we can think of.

Though hackneyed the subject may seem, its virtue lies on how far we can stretch our imaginations and integrate it into our own personal art-making process.