A conglomeration of consequences; a curious, almost unrelenting sense of observation, a deep fascination with intricacy and detail and final, a steadfast faith in the most amazing Artist in existence, the Almighty One.

Stemming from a colorful childhood, I am driven by a plethora of interests and fascinations; I am influenced greatly by my love of the sciences, architecture, music, the arts and the Bible. On a daily basis, I welcome the continual expansion and growth of this list.

As a young lad, I have found joy in observing the things that give definition to other things; this has led to my being endeared to shadows and light; the unique way they touch a subject, enveloping it in a remarkable quality of either coldness or warmth, making it unique, peculiar – thus, in my belief, simply beautiful.

It is my belief that art is spiritual in nature; it sways people into feeling emotions that endear them to a worthwhile cause and belief. The aim is to make one feel bliss, melancholia, and ultimately, to feel compelled to wake up or keep one’s self from slumbering spiritually.

The work will always reflect the artist, in my opinion. Which is why I believe that as an artist is able to hone his talents and master his craft, he must also become a better person – not in his own eyes, nor in the eyes of those around him, but in the eyes of God. And so as not to waste the graces bestowed upon me. I pray for more opportunities to paint and to become better.

I make use of realistic approaches to give the audience a glimpse of my surreal, supernatural visions of the world. My medium of choice, due to its flexibility and brilliance of colors, is currently oil. I strive hard to let others see what I see by making use of biblical symbolisms and pertinent realities based on observation and introspection. In the near future, God willing, I plan on venturing in the art of sculpting as well.

If it be the will of He, I will continue to busy myself with anything and everything spiritually edible, all for the glory of God Almighty.

" Unbroken Spirit ", Oil on canvas, 42 x 42 inches, 2013