half-naked figures sitting languidly in a room lit theatrically from an unseen light source don masks, which makes them as one of such mere props with the rest of the objects they pose with. Though the masks amplify their anonymity, these rather reveal the paradox of exposure of the true self, that no identities we project to other people, play-acting certaint roles fit for a certain occasion.

Is a consistent Finalist and Winner at the Martino Abellana Annual Art Competition; won the Grand Prize at the 2003 Philippine College of Surgeons Painting Competition; won the excellent award at the 2008 China Asean Youth Artwork Competition; won Second Prize at the 2009 GSIS Art Competition; Finalist at the 2011 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Art Competition; 1st Prize Winner at the Fernando Amorsolo Painting Competition Mentor Category Regional Level and still 1st Prize winner at the Fernando Amorsolo Painting Competition Mentor Category-National Level. He was the former President of the Portraits Artist Society of the Philippines and currently a member of its Board of Directors.