graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Painting. He was a finalist in the Shell National Student Art Competition in 2001 and in the Art Petron National Student Art Competition in 2006. He has participated iin several group shows and had his first solo show at Galerie Anna in July 2010.

His style is highly influenced by National Artist J. Elizalde Navarro whom he met after he won his high school art competition. As Head of the Board of Judges, Navarro invited the young Dicky Joe for a visit at his studio. From then on, he absorbed “like a sponge” all the lessons and advice the National Artist gave him.

Representing the new breed of contemporary artists, he focuses in merging his exposures in the virtual world of cyber with his actual life’s experiences in the real world. His attempts at convergence of what is virtual and real has produced exciting cutting-edge works marked with unique elements and figures possessed of dual symbolical dimensions.

“In Awe of the Power – Battle with the Collosus” symbolizing the continuing struggle between the good and evil in the real world, Dicky Joe majestically captured the essence of the battle between the warrior and the dragon. His pixelated canvass multiply in various lines as soon as light hit his brush strokes.